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Amouage Interlude For Men Eau De Parfum 100ML

Amouage Interlude For Men Eau De Parfum 100ML

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Fragrance Description:

Amouage Interlude For Men Eau De Parfum 100ML is a fragrance masterpiece that embodies luxury and sophistication. This exceptional scent harmoniously blends the invigorating notes of bergamot and oregano with the deep, alluring tones of incense and leather. Meticulously crafted, it defines opulence, making it the ideal choice for the modern man who seeks a fragrance that exudes both mystery and refinement. The generous 100ML bottle ensures a lasting supply of this exquisite scent, guaranteeing that you leave an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Amouage Interlude For Men Eau De Parfum goes beyond being a fragrance; it's a statement of impeccable taste and an expression of your unique individuality. With each application, it envelops you in an enigmatic aura that lingers, making your presence truly remarkable. This fragrance is your key to timeless allure and a testament to your distinct style and sophistication

Fragrance Profile: Woody , Spicy


Top Notes: Bergamot, Oregano, Pimento Berry Oil.

Middle Notes: Amber, Frankincense, Cistus, Opoponax.

Base Notes: Leather, Agarwood Smoke, Patchouli, Sandalwood.

Gender: Men

Season: Fall and Winter

Occasions :  Formal events, Special evenings

Mood: Enigmatic, Elegant, and Sophisticated

Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Intensity: Strong

Duration: 6 - 8 Hours from Top Notes to Base Notes

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