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Memo Art Land Marfa Eau De Parfum For Unisex 75ML

Memo Art Land Marfa Eau De Parfum For Unisex 75ML

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Fragrance Description:
Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Memo Art Land Marfa Eau De Parfum, a captivating unisex fragrance available in an indulgent 75ML size. This olfactory masterpiece is a harmonious blend of sophistication and artistic expression, capturing the essence of Marfa's unique landscape and creative spirit. The top notes introduce a symphony of vibrant floral and citrus accords, while the heart unfolds with a medley of aromatic herbs, creating a sensorial masterpiece that resonates with individuality. The fragrance's base notes leave a lasting impression, with warm and earthy tones that evoke the spirit of the Texan desert. Memo Art Land Marfa is a unisex fragrance that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting you to embrace the artistic and aromatic journey it offers. Elevate your senses with this unique perfume, a tribute to the intersection of art and nature. Let each spritz transport you to the creative landscape of Marfa, where every note tells a story of inspiration and innovation. Imbued with a sense of originality and elegance, Memo Art Land Marfa is more than a fragrance; it's an artistic odyssey for those who appreciate the extraordinary

Fragrance Profile: Floral Woody Musk.

Top Notes: Orange Blossom , Mandarin Orange.
Middle Notes: Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang , Agave.
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, White Musk , Cedar.

Gender: Men and women.

Season: All season

Occasions: Casual, Formal, Romantic.

Mood: Refined elegance and tranquillity,

Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP).

Intensity: Strong.

Duration:6-8 hrs from top notes to base notes.

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